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Lois Foard, RN, IBCLC, RLC

There is nothing more rewarding to me than being able to helps moms breastfeed their babies successfully! That is why I am pleased to offer you a comprehensive lactation consulting service as

well as pump rentals and breastfeeding supplies. Not only will you get the immediate help you need, you will also have your own personal lactation consultant to answer your questions and help you through any rough spots that may come along. I want to provide you with on-going support that will enable you to breastfeed your baby as long as you and your baby desire.

Throughout the 26 years that I have been involved in lactation professionally, I have  become passionate about helping women breastfeed. Not only are there many very important benefits for you and your baby, but it will be one the most gratifying experiences of your life. Because breastfeeding my four daughters  was such a positive experience for me, I want to empower other women to succeed in their efforts. This desire has motivated me to become well-educated in all areas of lactation. 

I began as a breastfeeding counselor and educator with WIC in 1992 and then obtained my IBCLC while I was working at a local hospital as the Lactation Coordinator. I have been in private practice for  over 16 years, and have  also enjoyed working at the University of UT Breastfeeding Clinic, the only Baby Friendly Hospital in Utah.


I have extensive experience in every area of breastfeeding and great success helping so many moms and their babies enjoy breastfeeding . It is my hope that you will allow me to help you!  


*Increasing Low Milk Supply and Insufficient Weight Gain in Infants-These two problems almost always go hand in hand. Your milk supply can be affected by many factors such as poor  or painful latch, sleepy or sick baby, difficult delivery, medications, tongue and lip ties, and your general health.  One of the first signs of insufficient milk supply is baby's failure to gain an adequate amount of weight.  Other signs are  decreased wet and messy diapers and increased bilirubin.  We can work together to reverse low milk supply within days! Increased breastfeeding, pumping with a hospital grade pump, and/or adding herbs or medications can be very effective. I carry rental pumps and herbs that will help you be able to succeed at increasing your milk supply, and therefore, help your baby gain weight.

**Yeast Infections- If you suspect you have a yeast infection on your nipples or in your milk ducts, your need to take care of it as soon as possible.  Sore nipples with burning or shooting pain in your breasts are two of the first symptoms.  Other symptoms you may have include:
feeling like the baby is biting, sucking too hard
nipple itching or flaking
red and/or shiny nipple and areola

white substance inside creases of nipples or areola

blanched or white nipples after feeding 
cracked nipples that do not heal

no symptoms but your baby has a yeast infection

  1. Your baby may have the following symptoms:
  2. White plaques in the mouth, inside the cheeks. or on the tongue
    Diaper rash that has a red burned look with tiny lesions

Gassy and cranky, pulling off and on the breast

Refuses to nurse

"Clicks" when nursing

No symptoms but mom has a yeast infection

If you and your baby have even 3 or 4 of theses symptoms between you, call as soon as possible.
Yeast infections can occur at anytime, especially if you or your baby have had an infection or have been on antibiotics for any reason. Don't wait to get help! The longer you wait the more difficult it is to treat.  I have extensive experience helping moms and babies with yeast and carry products that will give you the relief you need to be able to continue to  breast feed. 
***Anterior and Posterior Tongue and Lip Ties- Another reason that moms get extremely sore nipples is because the baby's frenulum under the tongue is too tight, anchoring the tongue to the floor of the mouth so that it cannot extend over the gums and grasp the nipple correctly. Sometimes the upper lip is also very tight. Either one or both of these problems cause nipple pain, and the nipple looks compressed with a "stripe" around the tip when the baby unlatches. Eventually the nipple becomes raw or develops sores then bleeding, and mom begins to dread and even avoid breastfeeding. 
Tongue and lip ties often keep the baby from getting enough milk causing  him or her to cry  while at the breast and after feedings, even if you nursed for an hour! These babies  tend to fall asleep at the breast because they are not quickly rewarded with milk for all their effort. This in turn typically   causes insufficient weight gain and a rapid reduction in mom's milk supply.  A vicious downward spiral in breastfeeding ultimately occurs! 
But there are ways to reverse this cycle and achieve breastfeeding success!  I am experienced at diagnosing this problem and will put you in touch with pediatric dentists who will revise the tongue or lip tie through laser treatment. In most cases, the sore nipples recover and your milk supply increases getting more milk to your baby. The baby will begin to gain weight and become much more effective at nursing. The negative cycle is reversed!
I encourage you to visit Dr. Larry Kotlow's website at kiddsteeth.com, read the articles, watch the videos,  and see if  this information applies to you and your baby. 

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